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Star Citizen Referral Code

Get 5$ (5000 UEC ingame credits) for free! Use the Code: 


How to use the Star Citizen Referral Code

While there are loads of ways to earn UEC (ingame money) in Star Citizen, it's always nice to snag some freebies, especially if your just starting your Adventure in outer space.

Here's how to redeem the Star Citizen Referral Code:

1. Go to the Star Citizen Account Creation on the official RSI Site         https://robertsspaceindustries.com/enlist

2. Enter the Referral Code STAR-PFMQ-7NQ2

3. Well done. You will receive 5000 UEC.


What does the Star Citizen Referral Code exactly do?


Play for free and get 5$ (5000 UEC) as Bonus:
The Referral Code ensures that you get the full potential out of your Star Citizen Account.
Compared to a registration without a code you get double the UEC (in game credits).
With the Code STAR-PFMQ-7NQ2 you will get additional 5000 UEC. This means after completion of the registration as new player, you will receive a total of 10000 UEC.

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